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Promotion in the Internet network

Each product needs promotion. Even best solutions may be unnoticed without advertising. Such solution, such product is also your company website. As for today the number of websites in the Polish Internet is estimated on 8 million and in the worldwide network it exceeded 1 milliard. The data changes each day. That is why such an important element is the promotion inside the network of new websites.

The Internet created specific ways of advertising, that are presented below.

Indexation in search engines and catalogues

The easiest way of promoting your website address is to placing it in popular catalogues and website search engines. We take care of indexation on the following portals:

- Wirtualna Polska
- Interia
- Infoseek
- AltaVista
- Yahoo!
- Google

Advertising banners

Banner - also called advertising bar - is the most popular form of advertising in the network (except for target advertising). It is a small graphic element (usually of the size 460x50 points and capacity up to 15 kB in file format: jpeg, gif, animated gif, flash and html), placed on the selected website, in this case on, which is connected by a link to the advertiser. Additionally the banner presentation builds awareness of the presented trademark, product or service, or the company existence.


Advertisements are sent at the moment to 150 thousands e-mail addresses to the users of free mail servers. Modular advertisement is e.g. 10 short 4 verse ads, in fact short invitations to the website, that is two advertisement sentences and a link. The statistics prove that such advertisement is the is the most willingly seen by the Internet surfers. The users of e-mail accounts often delete mail just after reading the subject of the letter, and when they know, that they receive just short invitation to the website, more willingly watch them and do not treat such advertisement as aggressive. E.g. if among 10 short advertisement there is the "yoghurt" advertisement it is better perceived than sending to 250 thousand people a long letter concerning "yoghurts". Then the advertisement produces an opposite effect through its pushiness. uses all the newest advertising techniques. We have access to the results of up-to-date test in this sphere and the clients can always count on our help and advice. This type of advertisement we prepared for several months, carrying out earlier consultations and surveys. We are the first network in Poland, that put into use modular advertisements in mailing already in 1998.