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Mail sending: Outlook Express

Basic information
Due to spreading of dangerous viruses, that imitate the users of our server and due to receiving a big number of unwanted correspondence the network introduced certain modifications of the mail server.

We hope that the introduced modifications will minimalize the cases of receiving unwanted mail to your addresses.

To be able to send mails you should do a tiny modification in the configuration of electronic mail clients. The changes are precisely described for the program Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 (in other mail programs the option has similar name).

STEP 1: From the main menu of the Outlook program choose the option "TOOLS"

STEP 2: Choose the option "ACCOUNTS":

STEP 3: Check the option "MAIL"

STEP 4: A list of configured e-mail accounts should appear

STEP 5: You should choose the e-mail account configured for connecting with the server (most frequently one entry is visible there so should not be any problem)

STEP 6: Choose the option "PROPERTIES":

STEP 7: Choose the bookmark "SERVERS":

STEP 8: The last option is the one to be checked You don't have to configure anything additionally, but only check the option:

If even though it is impossible to send mail please contact with the administartor at the address or by telephone at 71 78 56 000. The mobile phone number is located in the footer of the documents you received during setting up accounts.

Before contacting however please try standard ways of solving such problems (mail program or computer restart).